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Walkers Plains Camp

Lodge style Delight in the wild

Breathe Africa

In the breathtaking panorama of South Africa's Timbavati Private Nature Reserve, you'll discover the Walkers Plains Camp, a perfect fusion of luxury and wilderness. This Camp is a paradise for travellers who seek an authentic wildlife encounter enhanced with top-tier amenities and exceptional service.

At Walkers Plains Camp, the distinctive experience centres around the harmonious blend of traditional safari excursions and a tranquil, eco-conscious environment. This delicate balance is the camp's unique selling point, immersing guests in nature's symphony, ranging from the melodic calls of exotic birds, rustling acacia leaves, and the thunderous roars of distant lions.

The architectural design of the camp further complements its surroundings, blending the rustic aesthetics of bushveld tradition with the refinement of modern luxury. The neutral palette of the structures is inspired by the terrain, while the tasteful furnishings and decor echo the beauty and diversity of the Reserve.

Safari rooms at Walkers Plains Camp

Designed to offer unrivalled comfort and sophistication, Walkers Plains Camp houses eight beautifully crafted safari rooms. This includes two spacious family suites, each echoing the spirit of the wild in their design, whilst offering the best in modern conveniences. As you step into your room, you're greeted by cool, inviting interiors. The ceiling fans and air conditioning ensure a refreshing sanctuary from the warmth of the African sun. Each room's decor pairs earth tones with modern aesthetics to create an atmosphere that is at once serene and elegant.

Key to each room's charm is the strategic use of large panoramic windows. These expansive glass facades invite the awe-inspiring beauty of the Timbavati wilderness into your living space, serving as a visual reminder of the breathtaking environment outside. Perhaps the most enticing feature of the rooms is the private deck with its own plunge pool. Here, you can enjoy a relaxing soak while basking in the sights and sounds of the wilderness. Convenient amenities such as a well-stocked minibar, complimentary Wi-Fi, and a USB charging station ensure all your needs are met.

The family suites are designed to accommodate the needs of families, providing additional space without compromising on comfort or luxury. These two-bedroom havens feature a separate living area, additional storage spaces, and kid-friendly amenities, making for a seamless family safari experience. Walkers Plains Camp welcomes children aged 8 years and older.

Activities at Walkers Plains Camp

Beyond the inviting confines of its luxurious accommodations, Walkers Plains Camp promises an exciting array of safari activities. Guided by professionals, guests can embark on twice-daily game drives right from dawn. These activities provide opportunities to trace the footprints of the Big Five, a thrilling adventure in itself. If lucky - you may even be able to see the Timbavati's unique white lions amidst a wide variety of indigenous fauna. As the day gives way to dusk, evening safaris unfold, offering glimpses of the elusive nocturnal creatures that come alive after sunset.

Adding to this, the camp offers bush dining—an unforgettable experience where guests can savour gourmet meals under the African stars. Accompanied by the sounds of the wilderness, this immersive dining experience encapsulates the distinctive spirit of Walkers Plains Camp.

Stay 4 - pay 3 at Walkers Plains Camp

Embark on an unforgettable safari adventure at Walkers Plains Camp in the Timbavati for three nights and enjoy an extra night absolutely free! This limited-time offer is valid for new bookings until 30 November 2023 (latest departure date) and cannot be combined with other specials.

Walkers Plains Camp honeymoon offer

Walkers Camp offers a fabulous special for newlyweds. The couple receives a 25% discount when staying for a minimum of three nights. Valid until 10 January 2024, and within six months of the marriage date.

Guest reviews Walkers Plains Camp

This is an experience. The Big 5 in one and a half days. We saw Leopard (3 times), Lion (many, some fresh on a buffalo kill), Buffalo, Rhino and several elephant, one of whom came to the camp to drink from the pond right on the fence. An exquisite room, with indoor and outdoor shower, fully stocked bar and your own private splash pool.

from Paternoster, South Africa

The best kept secret in the Timbavati! Amazing lodge, spectacular views, private pool and all the amenities you may need. Brand new, well equipped and comfortable vehicles and food of the highest quality. What sets Walkers Plains Camp apart from the rest is the abundance of wildlife, often getting multiple Big 5 sightings in a single day. The staff is friendly, knowledgeable and caters for your every need.