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Timbavati Hoedspruit Airport

Easy flight access into Timbavati and Kruger

The Timbavati Game Reserve is easily accesible by plane. Daily flights are available from Johannesburg OR Tambo International Airport to Hoedspruit Eastgate Airport. Flights from Cape Town Airport are available all days except Saturday. From Hoedspruit you can get to any lodge in the Timbavati by road transfer or a rental car.

Hoedspruit Eastgate flight schedules

Johannesburg to Hoedspruit flights

Johannesburg - Hoedspruit SAA Airlink schedule (twice daily)

  • Depart Johannesburg 09h55 and arriving at Hoedspruit at 10h50 (4Z871)
  • Depart Johannesburg 13h05 and arriving at Hoedspruit at 14h15 (4Z873)

Hoedspruit - Johannesburg SAA Airlink schedule (daily)

  • Depart Hoedspruit 11h20 and arriving at Johannesburg at 12h20 (4Z872)
  • Depart Hoedspruit 14h30 and arriving at Johannesburg at 15h30 (4Z874)

Cape Town to Hoedspruit flights (all days except Saturday)

Cape Town - Hoedspruit SAA Express schedule

  • Depart Cape Town 10h50 and arriving at Hoedspruit at 13h15 (4Z657)

Hoedspruit - Cape Town SAA Express schedule (all days except Saturday)

  • Depart Hoedspruit 13h50 and arriving at Cape Town at 16h25 (4Z658)